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Vacuum Plating Processing

  • 01Substrates
  • Stainless steel,titanium,ceramics, tungsten, MIM ect,.

  • 02Application
  • Stainless steel parts, watch components, mobile phone parts, jewelry, medical instruments, automobile parts, battery and so on

    Technological characteristics of vacuum platingKey selling points of vacuum coating technology
    • Decorative Coating

      The coatings can upgrade the cosmetic and prolong the life cycle of the metal parts with coating thickness 0.2~1.5μm.The coating color can be customerized according to customers' requirement. The coatings are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and they can pass 48~120hours abrasion and salt spray test.

    • Functional Coating-DLC

      The DLC coating has low friction coefficient and good scratch-proof with hardness up to 2000HV.The coating can prolong the metal parts life cycle by 2 to 3 times. 

    • Functional Coating-AFP

      Transparent AFP coating can be applied on various surface with 10~200nm thickness and very good effectiveness on anti-finger print.

    Technical advantages of vacuum platingTechnical features
    • Environmental Safety

      Environmental Safety

      No hazardous chemicals are used or generated in the PVD processes. The coatings can fulfill Rohs, Reach and other legal requirements

    • Strict control of color deviation Strict control of color deviation 

      Programmatic coating processes result in stable PVD colors. The color deviation is strictly controlled by LAB values and color limit samples

    • Various Colors Various Colors

      8 main color categories with over 60 mass production PVD colors. Customized colors are welcome to meet customers’ demands

    • High Hardness High Hardness

      The hardness of non-gold coating can reach 1-10x of substrate hardness which prolongs the product life cycle and uplifts product values

      Duribility Duribility

      The coatings can pass 48~168H abrasion, artificial sweat and salt spray tests and double product life cycle

      Seamless Service Seamless Service

      Company truck service covers Pearl River Delta area, SF Express courier service for outside Guangdong Province. Customer service team over 40 staffs with respond time in 5 minutes can provide 1 on 1 professional service.

    Application Scenarios of Vacuum plating processingApplication scenarios of vacuum coating processing

    • Cellphone 
    • Automobile BPP
    • Jewelry
    • Watch Parts
    • Metal Parts
    • Medical Instruments

    Optical Coating Process

    • 01Optical glass-AR/AF
    • Camera lens, vehicle panel, mobile phone camera, mobile phone tablet, front and rear cover glass of mobile phone, etc.

    • 02Pet Explosion-proof film-color decorative film
    • Mobile phone front and rear cover decorations, camera decorations, mobile phone top decorations, etc.

    • 03Optical composite board - optical functional film + color film
    • PC、PMMA

    • 04Injection parts - color film
    • 3D Mobile phone injection parts

    Optical coating processing technology characteristicsTechnical features
    • 一、Optical functional film

    • 二、color decorative film

    Optical functional film

    1、AR (Anti-Reflection and Anti-Reflection Coating)----Coating increases the transmittance of the substrate, visible light (400nm-700nm) is about 92% before coating, ≥94% after single-sided coating, and ≥98% after double-sided coating
    2 , AF (anti-fingerprint hydrophobic film) - water drop angle after glass coating ≥ 110°, steel wool wear resistance ≥ 100°

    color decorative film

    1、Color decoration of the front and back cover of the mobile phone, any color within the visible light range

    Advantages of optical coating processing technologyTechnical features
    • AR membrane

      Visible light single-sided AR transmittance ≥95%, double-sided plating ≥99%

    • Super hard AR

      AF surface pencil hardness ≥9H, steel wool wear-resistant 5000 times, water drop angle ≥100°

    • color film

      Optical Spectroscopy Coating Uniformity≤2%
      White optical brightening film (suitable for mobile phones, tablets and other related decorative parts, pure coating, high pressure forming)
      Bright metal brightening film (suitable for mobile phone related decorative parts, coating after offset printing, high pressure forming)

    Ion hardening process

  • 01material
  • Austenitic is not stainless steel. For example: 316, 304; martensitic stainless steel. For example: 420, 440; precipitation hardened stainless steel. For example: 17-4PH.

  • 02Application scenarios
  • car. For example: turbocharger pins and connecting rods, VOC valve thimbles; 3C industry. For example: Type-C charging head for computers and mobile phones, folding mobile phone gears; clocks. For example: watch cases, bezels and straps; fluid pump valve industry. For example: double tube fittings, needle valve stems; fasteners. For example: lock washers; medical devices. For example: needles.

    Ion Hardening Processing Application Scenario DisplayApplication scenarios of vacuum coating processing
    • auto parts
    • watch accessories
    • 3C Parts
    • fluid machinery
    • equipment
    • fastener
    Ion hardening process characteristicsTechnical features
    • low temperature

      The working temperature is 350~480℃, which is 50~100℃ lower than the traditional plasma nitriding temperature. The low temperature process reduces compound formation, helps maintain stainless steel corrosion resistance, reduces product distortion, and saves energy.

    • Small temperature difference

      Using the auxiliary ion source, the temperature difference in the effective area of the furnace can be controlled within ±5 ℃, and the product performance is more stable.

    • High ion energy

      High-energy ions are obtained by high-frequency pulsed glow discharge, which can effectively remove the passivation film on the surface of the product and improve the hardening efficiency.

    • Environmental friendly

      Vacuum process, less gas consumption, less pollution, more friendly to the environment.

    Advantages of ion hardening processingTechnical features


    Technical advantages

    • The surface hardness is increased by 4 to 6 times, reaching more than 1000HV
    • Corrosion resistance is not substantially reduced. High quality 316L stainless steel after ion hardening treatment, resistant to neutral salt spray test for more than 200 hours
    • Small deformation of the product, no oxidation discoloration on the surface of the product


    Industry advantage

    • More powerful: The technology comes from the national 863 plan funded project, process development and industrial application for 16 years
    • Large production capacity: 15 sets of core equipment developed independently
    • Strict quality management: passed ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality system certification

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