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Pink Gold Coating Application on Jewelry
来源: | 发布日期:2021-08-24

PVD coating on jewelries has been very popular and mature. It is very difficult to achieve further significant breakthrough on PVD processes.

  However, when special color and construction are demanded, not every PVD supplier  can successfully fulfill the requirements. In the July of 2019,one customer requested pink gold PVD same as Iphone 6 for bangles. After several trials and sampling, Senfung has successfully developed the pink gold PVD. And this pink coating has been further introduced to ear rings,necklace, rings, pendent and so on. 

  Comparing with mobile phone and watches, jewelries update much more fast with shorter lead time. The PVD coating on jewelries requests a very high efficiency, high technology and huge capacity. Senfung is always striving to new technology and processes breakthrough to serve the customers with high efficient service and mature technology.

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