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Shenzhen Senfung Vacuum Plating Co.,Ltd

Senfung was founded in 1998. It is a national high-tech enterise integrating equipment development, coating design & development and production.The business covers watch parts, smart wear, mobile phone, jewelry, automobile parts, medical instruments and so on.

With over 20 years technology accumulation, Senfung provides professional PVD technology solutions for customers with various colors,high decorative, good wear -resistant, good corrosion resistance and high hardness coating.

  • In 1998

    Senfung vacuum plating set up

  • In 2004

    Tritree Metal set up

  • In 2007

    Employees exceeded 1000

  • In 2009

    Optimized production capacity and company operation. Integrated 3 factories to Shiguan Industrial Park

  • In 2016

    Senfung building construction finished and started operation

  • In 2017

    Phase 1 production started with 35 PVD chambers in Senfung building

  • In 2018

    Phase 2 production started with 33 PVD chambers in Senfung building. Group headquarter moved to Senfung building

  • In 2020

    In 2020 Senfung started new strategy with set up of Senfung Thailand, optical coating factory at Shishi and optical coating at Dongguan

National high-tech enterprisePVD Manufacturing Base for Metal Parts

For management team building, we continue to introduce highly educated, high-level talents, strengthen cooperation with famous universities, college degree or above management personnel has accounted for more than 90%. With the development and expansion of the company, a group of managers who are good at communication, execution, dedication, cohesion and creativity have grown up. The R&D team has more than 30 members, including 5 doctors and 3 masters. The R & D team has 15 dedicated PVD mechines. Senfeng R&D team keeps innovating and has obtained more than 60 patents. Since entering the hydrogen energy battery industry in 2017, the project team has successively obtained one invention patent and one utility model patent, and applied for another invention patent at the beginning of 2021.

  • 23years

    PVD Experience

  • 180types

    Customized Colors

  • 250sets

    Automatic PVD Mechines

  • 150sets

    Test equipment

  • 99%

    Customer Satisfication

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION FACILITIESEnvironmental protection facilities

  • 环保设施

    National standard sewage treatment system is implemented in both existing factories and new headquarter 

  • 环保设施

    An online automatic monitoring system is built to check the real time level of pollution. The system is connected to the government real time monitoring platform.

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