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Senfung Black PVD Coating Application on Orthopedic Medical Instruments
Source: | Released Date:2021-08-07

Medical instruments show cold feeling, especially metal instruments such as scalpel, operating forceps,bone drill and so on. In 2017, a medical instrument manufacturer seeked hardening treatment on bone drills. They were delighted in Senfung when they saw the environmental black coating with high hardness. Several  obstructions have been encountered at the development stage such as complicated structure,high stress on the edgy and so on. After many times improvements on cleaning and PVD process, black PVD on bone drills has successfully entered mass production.


 Senfung was founded in 1998. We focus on PVD plating for metal parts. Our business covers watches,jewelry,mobile phone,smart wear,medical instrument,automobile parts and so on. We have strong technology and rich experience on decorative coating, functional coating and optical coating.

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